Don’t Ask Us
– Ask Our Staff.

"My first year of articles has been challenging. Learning to balance studies and work has been difficult, but I have grown to appreciate the support of other trainees throughout the Firm and in different years of their articles. I look forward to second year, with new challenges and taking on more responsibility."
HANNAH, 3rd Year Graduate
"My first year at PKF Octagon was fulfilling and well rounded. I had the opportunity to learn many different aspects in the firm and I loved every moment of it."
SERISHA, 3rd Year Graduate
"I want to learn as much as I can about the industry and welcome all new challenges that will help to extend my knowledge so that I can one day achieve my goal of starting my own business. I am looking forward to learning through practice and believe that the experience I will gain from working at PKF Octagon will assist me in furthering my personal and professional development."
NTANDO, 2nd Year Graduate
"In my first year at PKF Octagon I aim to experience what the world of auditing has to offer me. To work in different industries and be exposed to environments and situations that challenge me every day."
SHANNON, 2nd Year Graduate
"I am looking forward to working in the various industries whilst at Octagon, as that will enable me to achieve the skills and experience needed to be a successful Chartered Accountant."
BILAAL, 2nd Year Graduate